How To Lose Belly Fat With A Waist Trainer

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Okay, we’ve all have heard the motto before...

Waist train and lose inches off of your waist.

Let me explain how this can happen.

Waist training helps you shape your waist into a curvier & slimmer hourglass shape ⌛️ but it does not necessarily burn belly fat.

(Trust me I’ve tried that already.)

However, it can help you lose 1- 3 inches within the first 4 weeks of using it.

This happens due to the waist contouring and water weight loss effect waist training has when used consistently. 

So if you are trying to lose belly fat, please note that waist training can be used as a tool to an active and healthy lifestyle, not a substitute. 

My motto is...

Eat Clean, Workout, & Waist Train 🍏💪⌛️

It’s the best way to slim down and shape your body!

I've been waist training for over four years now and I believe that losing belly fat by ONLY wearing a waist trainer is not necessarily possible! 

Waist training helped me shape my waist into more of an hourglass figure, but it didn't help me lose fat when I wasn't eating healthy and not working out. 

I believe waist training can slightly reduce the fat around your waistline and mold your waist into an hourglass shape but it doesn't reduce belly fat if you're not eating right and being active.

I want to encourage everyone to incorporate healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Shapewear should be used as a tool to a slimmer and curvier body not a substitution for a healthy lifestyle. 

However, waist training can motivate and help you with your healthy lifestyle.

Doing things such as shopping or cleaning your home can make your waist sweat if you’re wearing a waist trainer or a sauna sweat vest.

That can count as being active depending on how much you shop and clean.

The mall and my waist trainer can substitute a gym session on most occasions. Just Kidding! But I can get super picky when shopping for myself...

Besides getting sweaty while wearing a waist trainer, It can also suppress your appetite by making you feel fuller faster if you are waist training while you eat.

I usually do eat with my waist trainer on because most of the time I wear my waist training while I cook. I take it off as soon as I'm done. I don't recommend wearing it while you digest. 

However, nothing is more effective and healthier than an actual workout and eating healthy food!

I highly encourage you to combine all three components for amazing results. 



Need a meal plan? 

 Here are some simple things you can start doing to lose belly fat.

#1. The most important tip is to start eating healthier foods. 


Reducing your calorie/ingredient intake is a great start for anyone trying to lose belly fat.

Look at the labels from the foods you eat and cut down on processed food or food that contains unhealthy ingredients in it.

TIP: Have google ready while shopping.

Sometimes we eat a small meal and think nothing of it.

But if the meal isn't necessarily healthy, you can easily overeat and surpass the suggested daily calorie and fat intake.

Try using an app on your phone to help you calculate your calorie and fat intake.

I use an app called lifesum and I love it. 

Another tip is to avoid is overeating and using too much salt.

Measuring your portions is a great way to manage how much you eat.

Wearing your waist trainer when eating helps you feel fuller faster naturally when eating so it's a good practice to wear it during your meals but not while you digest.

(take it off when you're done eating) 

#2. Another important factor is that you have to waist train every day or at least 4-5 days a week until you get your desired results.

Consistency is the key to results!    

#3. Last but not least!

You should get active and get your waist to sweat!

This can be in the form of exercising or maybe just cleaning your home, but getting physically active is the best way to get your waist to sweat!


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