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3 Ways To Get Motivated To Workout!


It can be a hard choice to make at times... you may be tired, short on time or you just can't make it to the gym. Whatever the excuse is, you have to get those thoughts out of your head and start looking for solutions! Being prepared and having a plan to avoid any distractions or excuses will motivate you to stay committed to your workout and diet.

For Example:

Tired? = Drink an energy drink!

Look for a healthy energy drink that can help you perform better at the gym.

No Time? = Swap an hour of cooking for a quick 20 minute meal and a 30 minute workout. A quick workout is better than no workout.

No Gym? = Home workouts! Youtube has a great selection of at home workouts that will have you pumped and sweating in no time.



This may sound weird but it's true what they say, train the mind and the body will follow. Getting my mindset into a fitness conscious state is what helped me most when I started my fitness journey.

How did I do this? It was very easy as a matter of fact. I started to follow a bunch of fitness motivation pages, fitness coaches, fitness models and even fit moms on social media. I spend alot of time on social media and I'm sure we all have a social media outlet or 2 that we use. Even if it's not something that you do or have then get a social media outlet such as instagram or facebook solely for the purpose of getting motivated. Pintrest is also a great outlet for fitness and food tips!

There are so many amazing pages and groups you can connect with. The more fitness post and quotes you see, the more you will program your mind to be fit and this will remind you to exercise and  motivate you. There were so many days when I felt lazy or like something else was more important than working out but seeing all the fit people and post on social media really motivated me. The best part is you can get many ideas on workouts and meals from social media.


This is my favorite way to motivate myself to workout! When I have a new gym outfit or sneakers, I'm counting down the hours before my next workout! It's something about a new outfit that makes me want to go to the gym. This goes the same way with kitchen appliances that were bought with the purpose of creating a healthy meal. So if you can, spoil yourself regularly and use it as fuel to stay on track!

  • October 20, 2016
  • So Enticing Team
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