5 Reasons To Wear A Butt Lifter

1. It enhances the size of your butt instantly! 
The main benefit of wearing a butt lifter is the way it makes your booty look! It instantly gives you a bigger and curvier backside. The cutout style in this butt lifter lifts up the fat and pushes it out making it appear bigger and more lifted. 
It doesn’t matter what size butt you have, a butt lifter will make your butt look bigger, rounder and lifted! 
bum lifter pants before and after
2. Avoid a saggy butt.
This is the best reason to wear a butt lifter. Wearing a butt lifter helps firm and lift your butt. Many women call these shaping garments the butt trainer or butt bra.
I believe the best remedy is prevention.
Wearing a compression garment such a butt lifter can help maintain your shape as you age and go through weight gain or loss.
3. It can help you achieve semi-permanent results.
Consistent use can lead to semi-permanent results. Your booty can look rounder and therefore appear bigger if a butt lifter is used consistently but results will not last long if the practice of wearing a butt lifter stops.
4. Maintain your post-surgical results. 
Women who get surgical butt enhancement or fat transferred to their butt (Brazilian butt lift) are highly recommended to wear a butt lifter to maintain their results. 
butt lifter before and after
5. Confidence and better habits!
This is the best reason to wear a butt lifter. If you’re unhappy with the way your body looks then there no need to go through expensive and risky surgery when you can improve your shape with shapewear, exercise and the right food! For some women, wearing shapewear motivates them to exercise and eat healthier.

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  • Kimberly on

    Does the butt lifter grow ur butt I’m time..as in does your butt grow after wearing the butt lifter for so long?

  • Cierra griffin on

    Does this but waisted get your booty bigger and shape can you work out with it on to get your ass bigger

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