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5 Reasons To Wear A Butt Lifter

Nice booties are the new black! Yes, this generation is obsessed with butts and so am I. I love working on my glutes and making sure my butt is not saggy! As it once was... I'm sure most of you ladies can agree, a nice butt makes you happy. 
Here at So Enticing we have the "best" butt lifters in my opinion. I tried so many and as a women with a soft butt I did not like the fact that most butt lifters are so noticeable. You know that obvious cut or crease that can form on your thighs from the garment being so tight. Yes it's so annoying! But luckily for you, I have done my research and trials with booty lifters and of course I have brought the winners to my store


1. The obvious reason.... nobody wants a saggy butt! This is by far the main reason to wear a butt lifter. Wearing a butt lifter does not only lift when you're using it... It can also help your butt shape. Many women call it the butt trainer or butt bra. Just like boobies... If you don't wear a bra, gravity will make them sag as you age or go through any weight gain or lost. Nobody wants a saggy/sad butt.

2. Enhance your butt size! The main benefit to wearing a butt lifter is the way it makes your cakes look! No matter what size booty you have a butt lifter will make then look bigger and lifted! Who needs a BBL (brazilian butt lift) when you can wear a butt lifter?

3. Confidence and more confidence! Let me tell you how the right butt lifter will lift your spirit! It's amazing what a few inches can do to your silhouette and posture! All those perks will make you strut down the street with your head held HIGH feeling fabulous and fierce!

4. It will define your waist! Our butt lifters will also slim and contour your waist giving you more of a hourglass shape.

5. Flatten your lower belly pooch! You may not have this issue but most women do... That stubborn lower belly pooch will be flat and firm with our butt lifters while defining your waist and lifting your booty! It's a win win situation for your body!


  • November 18, 2016
  • So Enticing Team
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