Vest Waist Trainer Benefits

 Vest Waist Trainer 

The VEST waist trainer doesn't cause any back fat bulge which happens to some woman when wearing a waist trainer. Some women don't experience this problem but most do. 

If you want to waist train without getting any annoying fat bulge, try waist training with a vest waist trainer. 

no back fat waist trainer

 This is the Semi Vest Waist Trainer

The benefit of this vest waist trainer is that it has thin adjustable and removable straps which look like bra straps but sturdier. It helps make back rolls less visible. 


beat the back fat waist training

This is Full Vest Waist Trainer

This is also an amazing vest waist trainer. The difference between this one and the Semi Vest Waist Trainer is that the straps are thicker and they are not adjustable. This vest cover more of the back area than the semi vest.  



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