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Why You Need A Vest Waist Trainer

The latex vest waist trainer is by far a customer favorite. Here's why... I'm sure you remember the original waist trainer that "broke" the internet.  The latex vest waist trainer is just as awesome but the beauty and benefit of a latex vest waist trainer is that it doesn't cause that back fat bulge that happens to almost every woman when wearing a tight waist compression. Some women don't experience this problem but most of us do. 

If you want to waist train without getting that annoying fat bulge, try waist training with a latex vest waist trainer. 

 This is the Ann Chery # 2028

The benefit of this vest waist trainer is that it has thin adjustable straps which looks alot like bra straps but sturdier. It makes waist training almost undetectable. Not to mention it also helps you sweat off those back rolls. 



This is Ann Chery #2027

This is also an amazing vest waist trainer. The difference between this one and the Ann Chery #2028 is that the straps are thicker and they are not adjustable. But the back fat burning power is at it's most with this full vest style. Is is truly the most powerful vest waist trainer. 



This is the Ann Chery #4012

This is a thong or panty style vest waist shaper. Unlike the Waist Trainers this one doesn't have the front hook closing and the material is different although it still has latex. This is the ultimate undetectable waist shapewear. The material is so sturdy that it flattens any rolls or lumps and it takes a few inches off your waist instantly.

The best part is that it is UNDETECTABLE! That means that it can be worn with any tight blouse or dress and it will not be visible. This my absolute FAVORITE! I love wearing it with tight clothing. It make me feel and look flawless! And it's so comfortable that you forget you have it on.  



  • November 06, 2016
  • So Enticing Team
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