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Easy Weight Loss Hacks

Certain plant-based options helped me lose weight due to the decrease in calories, fats, and cholesterol.

These are some food hacks that anybody can do to lose weight effortlessly!

Listed below are a few items you can consider using to start cutting calories on a daily basis. Most of these items can be found in any supermarket. 

  • Almond or Soy milk

I use both, the almond milk is great for cereals and smoothies. The soy milk is great for meal recipes and desserts that require milk since the consistency of the soy milk is a bit thicker than the almond milk.
  • Almond or Soy coffee creamer

    I prefer the almond milk creamer to soy but for my Starbucks drink, I order a vanilla soy latte instead of ordering almond milk. (personal preference)

    • Vegan Mayo 


    Just look at the calorie difference between the vegan mayo and the non-vegan mayo!!!

    • Vegan Butter


    • May 09, 2018
    • So Enticing Team
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