Waist Training Results


Before I started waist training,

I wanted plastic surgery sooo bad!

I was contemplating plastic surgery on a daily basis. I was killing myself at the gym and dieting like crazy but I was not happy with my shape!

I manipulated my picture angles and clothing so that I can look curvier but in reality, I had a rectangle shaped waist.
I then learned that after these procedures you have to wear a waist trainer for 6 months to a year!

The hourglass shape comes from a waist trainer.

Yes, they can suck the fat out but if you don’t waist train, you will not have an hourglass shape. 

So, I started my waist training journey and I have never felt better! 
I still workout and eat clean but my smaller curvier waist came from quality Colombian shapewear... not the gym!  

waist training results

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  • Marisol Martinez on

    Hi Geraldine Andrea, I wear mine for 4-6 hours 5-6 days a week. A little dedication can go a long way when you stay committed. :)

  • Geraldine Andrea on

    I recently bought a Colombian body waist trainer that comes w a butt lifter but hadn’t haven’t been wearing it like I’m supposed bc i thought it just made the body look nice & wouldn’t actually shape it. Now that i saw your results I will start tomorrow morning! How long did you wear yours everyday? Thank you! ❤️

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