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Waist Training Results

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So after waist training for just a few weeks I was hooked. I now consider myself a waist training and body shaping expert. I use shapewear, exercises and specific techniques to achieve my desired body shape naturally and gradually.

I decided to share a little bit about my waist training results on this blog post!

I started to distribute Colombian waist trainers in my boutique in 2014 and that's when I started to seriously waist train...

That meant waist training for 6-8 hours a day along with eating healthy meals and drinking lots of water!

Before I started to waist train I was pretty much disciplined and committed to working out and eating healthy most of the times but whenever I lost weight, I would lose it evenly throughout my body. Not just on my belly like I wanted to. Actually it seemed like my belly fat was the only thing not getting slimmer.

Which really sucked being that I really just wanted my waist to get smaller and flatter.

When I started waist training consistently, I started getting results in about 2 weeks. I was able to see the difference in the shape of my waist. I shared my results with on our instagram page @soenticing.

I was so happy with the fact that I was able to change my waist shape... literally! It also helped my posture so much! I love how small and curved in my waist is. I was able to gradually lose a lot of belly fat too!

In order to lose belly fat it will require a healthy & fit lifestyle but the waist trainer helps shape your midsection more than any diet or exercise will. When you combine all 3 components you will have a great waist loss plan! 

In order to help you get closer to your goal. I have put together a waist training meal plan. Check out my meal plan for a smaller waist HERE.

If you have any questions, comment them below, I would  love to answer your questions!

Need a really good waist trainer? Check out my selection below! 


Need help choosing a size?


Need help choosing a waist trainer?


If you have any questions feel free to email me at or call

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  • March 03, 2015
  • So Enticing Team
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