Why I wear a butt lifter


do butt lifters work

This may sound weird to some people but I wear a butt lifter regularly.

Here’s why…

I got into the shapewear (faja) industry because I saw results from wearing my waist trainer and I fell absolutely in love with shapewear and the concept of it.

The way it helps you achieve a curvier body and the fact that a simple bodyshaper can make you look slimmer and more toned instantly is something I absolutely love to use and talk about.


But a butt lifter???…


To be honest, I never thought of wearing one before. I thought it was only used to make your butt look bigger and rounder while you’re wearing it but I learned that some of my clients were using butt lifters to maintain there BBL (Brazilian Butt Lifter) results.


Their surgeons recommended it.


A BBL is a plastic surgery procedure that takes fat from certain parts of the body and transfers it into your butt to give the butt area more volume and shape.


Some of my clients have had their procedures done 6 years ago and still need to wear shaping garments to maintain their results.


That was more than enough reason for me to start wearing a butt lifter regularly and to make it a consistent shaping habit.


It prevents your butt from sagging and misshaping if used consistently!!!


That was mind blowing to me.!!!


Why not wear shapewear! I’m only getting older and although I work out and eat healthy, a shaping garment benefits me different ways.


I love the way it makes me look and feel.


The butt lifter I use is the high waisted butt lifer from www.soenticing.com.

It is the one that fits me the best and it is also our exclusive BBL post-surgical because the fit is so comfy yet effective in shaping your butt. 


Marisol Martinez

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