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Why I Waist Train?

I use to spend hours at the gym and saw little change in my body. When I would actually lose some weight it was usually in unwanted areas not in my belly like I wanted to lose!

The reason is because no amount of exercise will help you achieve your body goals unless your diet and food intake is also controlled. 

I struggled with overeating and also ate a lot of the wrong things.

Waist training helped me to not over eat. While I'm wearing my waist trainer I cannot help but to not over eat! I feel full so quickly! 

So instead of eating 2-3 meals a day I now eat 4-5 or 5-6 small meals a day. It depends on how my day went.

Wearing my waist trainer consistently also helped shape my waist into a flatter, tighter and more toned looking midsection even while the waist trainer is off.

Not only does waist training decreases my appetite, it also helps my posture so much. Waist training can help with back pains and helps keep my posture straight while sitting or standing for long periods of time. 

For great results I recommend waist training along with a healthy and active lifestyle.

All of our waist trainers (faja) are manufactured in Colombia and made form the highest quality we could find! They are safe to use and designed with medical grade latex and flexi boning that molds to your body. They are made with a inner cotton lining that provides freshness and comfort and also protects your skin from the latex.

 I have listed my favorite waist trainers below


  • September 24, 2017
  • Marisol Martinez
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