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Vest Waist Trainer

$ 70.00

Full Vest Latex Waist Trainer Reshaping your midsection is a must with this Full Vest Waist Trainer! This waist trainer immediately creates a beautiful curvy shape. This high compression shape wear smooths the silhouette and instantly removes up to three inches from the waist and abdomen through compression and perspiration. The Vest Waist Trainer is supported with two reinforced columns of...

$ 65.00

Our semi vest is the perfect shaper for those who want to shape their waist and reduce accumulated back fat. This under the bust vest controls the waist and abdomen and compresses the torso while lifting the breast. This under bust vest rises just below the chest to enhance and lift with adjustable straps (similar to bra straps) while you...

$ 70.00

This vest style sport waist trainer is here to maximize your workouts and give you an enticing hour glass figure. It's designed for sport activities, working out and all day wear. It gives you a full back and waist coverage. With its flexi boning and power latex it will increase the thermal activity in your core causing your waist and back...

$ 55.00

Undetectable Shaper If you have been looking for a shaper that slims and shapes your waist and doesn't show any signs of being there, then say hello to the our Seamless Shaper.  With this garment there will be no lumps and bumps in your silhouette. It can be worn with a form fitting, body hugging clothing without bulging and showing any...

$ 35.00

Whether you are wearing a curve hugging dress or a suit, this seamless thong body shaper will help you achieve a slimmer silhouette and get rid of any rolls or bulges. Feel free to pair this shaper with your favorite bra. This shaper goes under the bust and gives a great lift. Now go ahead and buy that form fitting...

$ 30.00

This Neoprene Slimming Vest is a Sauna Vest and Waist band combined with neoprene technology for double compression around the waist area. This sauna vest has transformed the lives of THOUSANDS of people already! Get yours today and get your body right. This sweat vest was designed to: Create curves giving you a hour glass figure.  Provides instant abdominal compression and...

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$ 15.00 $ 25.00

This vest is designed to help you lose weight fast. When wearing this vest to the gym your core will heat up and make you sweat in all the right places. It can be worn under your top and with your choice of bra.  Material: Neoprene Spandex Polyester



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