Waist Training Results

waist training before and after

My waist training story:

After waist training for just a few weeks, I was hooked! I could see the curve around my waist from wearing my waist trainer daily.

My waist was sweating a lot when I was wearing it and I was feeling full faster when I ate.

It started to give my waist more of a slimmer and firmer look and I LOVED it!

Before I started to waist train I was pretty much disciplined and committed to working out and eating healthy most of the times but whenever I lost weight, I would lose it evenly throughout my body.

Not just on my belly like I wanted to. Actually, it seemed like my belly fat was the only thing not getting slimmer.

This really disappointed me, especially since I really just wanted my waist to get smaller and flatter. Then I was introduced to waist training by my babysitter and when I started waist training consistently, I started getting results. I was able to see the difference in the shape of my waist!



waist training results

This is why I love waist training and I always recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight or belly fat. It also helps you develop discipline and better eating habits which is a fantastic bonus for anyone. 

It can help with back pain too. I have many clients who simply wear a waist trainer to help them support their back and it has helped them get rid of back pain and helps them walk and sit with better posture. 

In order to lose an excessive amount of belly fat, I suggest a healthy & fit lifestyle. The waist trainer will naturally help you eat less when wearing it because you will feel fuller faster due to the compression. Therefore, you do not overeat and that helps you lose weight. 

When you combine all 3 components you will have a great WAIST loss plan! 

In order to help you get closer to your goal, I have put together some meal ideas to help you eat healthier.


If you have any questions, comment them below, I would love to answer your questions!


Need help choosing a size?


Need help choosing a waist trainer?


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Check out the waist trainer I started waist training with below.

I recommend anyone starting to waist train to start with the latex waist trainer. 



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