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Hourglass Latex 3 Hook Waist Trainer

$ 49.99

Introducing the amazing Hourglass 3 hook latex waist trainer. This waist trainer to create a smooth and slender waistline. Coverage extends from the hips to beneath the bust. This compression garment also helps you stand tall, elongating your torso and improving your posture during wear. The technologically advanced latex is designed to accentuate your natural curves, so you'll naturally feel more confident. Hook-and-eye closures in the front of the garment secure it in place. Not only does this waist cincher shapewear enhance the silhouette, it is also equipped with an inner layer of cotton for comfort.

This compression cincher is ideal under both formal and casual wear, from strapless dresses and tops to your favorite form-fitting sweaters. Its versatile design can be used with almost any outfit. If you're looking for a staple waist girdle that helps you feel as good as you look, opt for the hourglass 3 hook waist trainer.

100% Top Quality Materials Made In Colombia 

  • Slims waist
  • Enhances figure
  • Improves posture & reduces common back aches
  • Reduces waist by 2-4 inches instantly when wearing it
  • Flattens Tummy
  • Helps burn more calories
  • Constricts and limits the size a fat cells


  • 3 Hook Adjustments 
  • Waist band only 
  • Flexi Boning
  • Very tight compression
  • Underbust
  • Latex with thin cotton lining
  • Long torso coverage
  • Not for sports but can be used for walking or jogging
  • No rolling up

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