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Gym Waist Trimmer Belt

$ 39.99

Improve your gym sessions with this waist trimmer! This Waist Trimming Belt Will Provide You With The Proper Lower Back And Core Muscle Protection and Support During Exercise.

It's ideal use is for waist and core weight loss. This waist belt increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating which then accelerates the belly fat burning process.

This waist trimmer fits comfortably around your body and adjusts to your shape, providing you with a great waist band to wear at the gym. This waist trimmer is produced with quality velcro, inner latex lining and flexible boning that is sure to last you a very long time during your waist reduction journey.

Get ready to sweat because this waist belt will have your waist sweating! For an even better sweat session pair it with the slimming wrap and slimming gel.  

Made in Colombia!




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