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Latex Waist Trainer 3 Hook

$ 55.00

Latex Waist Trainer 3 Hook

This amazing waist trainer can reduce your waist size and give it that sexy hour glass curve when used on a consistent basis. Even if you are not exercising, the sturdy, thick latex material will cause your waist to sweat while you discreetly wear it under your clothes.

Quality material is important when using your waist trainer daily. In order for waist trainer to work the garment has to be durable. Our waist trainers are made of a sturdy latex and flexi boning combination that are built to last and prevents it from rolling up.

  • To start a waist training regimen for waist loss, we recommend wearing your waist trainer under your clothes for 6-8 hours daily.
  • Exercising and clean eating are encouraged as a part of your waist training regimen.



    • Corrects and improves posture
    • Flattens tummy
    • Helps burn more calories
    • Controls your appetite
    • Shapes and re-contours fat cells
    • Constricts and limits the size of fat cells
    • Supports the skin while losing weight
    • Helps eliminate toxins
    • Tightens and tones abdominal
    • Increases circulation


    • Top Quality Material Made In Colombia
    • Steel Flexi Boning
    • Waist band only 3 hook rows for smaller adjustment
    • All Latex with a thin cotton lining on the inside
    • Not for sports but can be used for walking or jogging
    • Tight Compression
    • Recommended to wear for 6-8 hours daily
    • No Rolling Up
    • Long torso


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